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Forget Lotus Elise/Exige seats.. THESE are the answer!

- 6/12/2017

I just finished installing a TS2 seat in my 2001 Miata. In a word - PERFECT.

I am 6'2" - split fairly evenly between torso and legs - 200lbs, and I carry a lot of weight in my thighs. With the stock seat, my eyes are right in line with the top of the windshield frame. Not good. Having tested many seats, I knew I needed something with fairly wide/shallow thigh bolstering to accommodate my legs with any sort of comfort. For reference, the Sparco Sprint V stayed attached to my back side when standing up after trying it out in my local tuner shop. In the TS2, I can sit comfortably without my thighs/hips feeling overly constrained. Yet I still have substantially more lateral support versus stock.

The Marrad TS2 is something of a modular seat, in that the cushions are removable. With the butt cushion in, I'm sitting roughly 1" lower than in my factory non-foamectomied NB2 seat. However, removing the butt cushion will yield over 3" of low compared to stock. Having said that, removing this cushion ends up with your butt directly on the aluminium frame. This isn't nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds, however I haven't gone on any long drives like this to really test it. I am, however, planning on cutting a thin piece of memory foam to fit space. This should make for a very comfortable seat while still yielding 2.5"+ of height reduction.

The relatively low side bolstering also means ingress/egress is fairly easy. Very DD friendly.

As for the mount, Marrad has done a great job making something very sturdy while getting the seat as low as possible w/o removing the rear hump. There are numerous positions on the mount to choose from with respect to fore/aft positioning. However, seat height and tilt angle are not adjustable. This results in a fairly upright seating position, which also helps maximise space for us tall folks. I prefer to sit upright, so this works well for me.

If you're tall, you've probably struggled with the same predicament: either hope to find a Lotus Elise/Exige seat for sale and hope they don't demand a king's ransom, or get out the BFH and angle grinder to try and massage in a seat that probably has no business being there. Well, Marrad has come up with a well built, good looking, plug n play seat. It's been a long time coming, and for a lot of people, I think they need to look no further.

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