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The TS2 seat is designed to increase support while adding headroom and legroom if needed in the NA/NB Miata. The low side bolsters allow for ease of entry and exist for daily driving. A sub belt opening is provided. The covers all install to the aluminum frame with velcro for easy removal, replacement or customizing. The NA/NB seat frame is 16" wide across the hips, 15" between the plastic grommets for the lap belts. The side bolsters have independent covers that can be removed if the entire 16" of width is preferred. Pricing for custom upholstery is handled upon request.

Installation in the NA/NB is very easy with our hardware as shown on the page below.

Seats and hardware normally ship within 4-6 weeks from order. The seat with covers and mounting hardware as pictured weigh about 28 lbs. We are redesigning the hardware to reduce the weight and lower the seat about 1/4". All new orders will come with the new hardware.

Pricing includes the seat, black cloth covers and NA/NB mounting hardware.

Continental US shipping - $89

NA/NB Miata Installation Instructions

Price: $779.00

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