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Seat mounting bracket for C5/C6/C7 Corvettes with ultra low seating position. Made from 3/16" steel and comes with a multi-position bolt in sub belt crossbar.

The seating position in the rear is very low and may require the removal of padding or carpeting under the bracket for a few inches forward of the rear mounting studs on some vehicles.

If you have any sensors under the passenger seat that are tall enough to reach the underside of the oem tracks this bracket will not clear them, as it sits lower than the stock rails. There are 8 different sets of holes for various slider width spacing and offsets pre-drilled. Additional holes can be drilled as needed. You will need to adjust the width of the slider release bar if the spacing between the sliders is changed.

There are no provisions on the bracket itself for belt mounting but if sliders and side mounts are ordered we have seat belt adapters that will sandwich between the slider and the side mount and adjust with the seat, as pictured.

Continental US shipping- $29

Corvette Generation C5C6C7
Price: $159.00

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- 11/17/2017

If you want to run any kind of seat in a late model Corvette, this should be where you start.

This seat mounting bracket is well designed, nicely finished, and incredibly sturdy, with a number of versatile mounting options depending on seat and install...

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