Our ST3 seat has been designed for those needing to add headroom and/or legroom in compact cars like C5/C6 Corvettes, S2000, NC Miata and others.

Made to order in 6-8 weeks, there are numerous upholstery options. The product page contains write-ups of a C6 Corvette and S2000 installations.

The ST3 also has the option of an enlarged lap belt hole that can fit the C5 Corvette seat belt retractor through it so the oem seat belts can be used inside the seat.

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Our LX2 was custom designed for the NA/NB Miata.
It is now offered in cloth, simulated leather/suede and natural leather upholstery.

Like the previous LX1 seat, the center has a built-in drop that allows the seat frame to sit below our sliders, adding headroom while improving support.

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